How To Navigate Using A Wrist Watch

A useful way the sun can be used to aid in navigation, is to combine it with your trusty wrist watch, (a traditional watch with hands, not a digital version) to make it into a stand in compass.

To use this method in the Northern Hemisphere, hold your watch horizontal, so that the hour hand is facing directly at the sun. All you do now is find the line, directly between the hour hand and the twelve, this is south. Note that if daylight saving time is in use, then you need to take an hour off at the start of the exercise.

If you’re usingNavigate using a watch this method in the Southern Hemisphere, hold your watch horizontal and point the 12 at the sun. The line directly between the 12 and the hour hand can be used to provide a North – South line.

This method becomes less accurate the nearer you are to the equator, when the sun is almost directly overhead, however is a good way of getting a rough guide to direction quickly.

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