How To Navigate Using The Sun And Time

The sun, no matter where in the world you may stand, always rises in the east and sets in the west, being at its highest point at midday.  As long as you know the time, and the sun is shining, then you can always use the sun as a guide to direction, making Solar Navigation easyNavigate using the sun and time

If you face the sun at 12pm then it’s safe to say that you are facing a generally southerly direction (North in the Southern Hemisphere). As each hour passes, the sun moves approximately one hands width to the right. So if you know this, then south can be found pretty quickly and without a compass.

For example, if it’s 2pm, hold your hand, so that the fingers are facing upwards, and the nearest finger is touching the sun.  Move your hand two widths to the left of the sun and this will give you the approximate position where the sun would have been at midday, and that’s south.

Conversely, if its 10am, move your hand two widths to the right of the sun and again you have south. If you are navigating in the Southern Hemisphere, then exchange south for north.

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