Survival Facts

  • Weight for weight, Pine Needles hold 5 times more Vitamin C than lemons.  This vitamin is responsible for the growth and repair of body tissue, which will be required in prolonged survival situations.  The Vitamin can be elicited by selecting fresh green needles, placing them into boiling water and drinking it as pine needle tea.  The young needles can also be chewed.pine needles
  • Tests have found that the light produced by reflecting the sun with a mirror can be seen for 50 – 100 miles, and metal can reflect up to 10 miles on a sunny day.  Therefore, packing a mirror in your survival kit may prove invaluable in summonsing assistance when in a survival situation.
  • If you are suffering from the effects of heat and need to cool yourself when only a small amount of water can be located.  Place your wrists into the water, which will act to cool blood in the arteries, which will then be circulated around the major organs and body.
  • Keep your night vision when exposed to light, by placing your hand over one closed eye, making sure not to press on the eye itself.  When the light has passed, move your hand and you will still be able to see in the dark.
  • House hold bleach can be used in a survival situation to sterilise wacompasster.  Bleach is found all over the world and has been used following natural disasters including hurricanes and earthquakes.  Various formulas exist regarding how much chemical to use, however, if the water is clear, then adding 2 drops of household bleach to each litre of water (1 drop per pint) will suffice.  If the water is cloudy, then the quantity of bleach used should be doubled. Once the bleach has been added, shake it well and leave to settle for 15 minutes before drinking.  Bleach is added to most water supplies, so is safely consumed daily by most people.  Click here to see how to boil water in a plastic bottle

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